RXCSF Masters Camp


Friday and Saturday the masters team (supplemented by a couple of “mini-masters” from the Bill Koch developmental team) met up with Laurie Humbert for a dryland technique and roller ski camp. Laurie is a Rochesterian who was on the US Olympic Biathlon team in 1994 and now serves as the masters XC ski coach for Salt Lake City.

Friday evening we took to the hills at Mendon Ponds for bounding. I have to admit I sort of underestimate the amount of technical improvements to be made bounding. I usually look at bounding as a strength/lactate threshold workout. Go up hard and fast till the legs burn. We did that, but with Laurie critiquing our technique along the way. Working to get our weight forward, open up the hip angle, improve the timing of weight transfer versus arm swing. Made me see how much value there was to paying attention to how I was going up the hill, instead of just doing it hard and thinking I was going to get better.

On Saturday the lessons were all driven home on roller skis. Lots of time without poles. Drills working to get our balance better out over our skis. I thought I was pretty good until she singled me out (very nicely) to tell me my upper body balance was exactly wrong. She had me ski behind her and match her balance transfers. I almost ate concrete on the first try, but quickly realized how out of whack I was compared to her. As we went further I could feel myself start to balance in the new (and unquestionably better) rhythm. From our master who was second time ever on roller skis up to our ex-collegiate racer she spent one on one time with everyone and made quick improvements in everyone’s style and gave focus points to us to help us keep moving forward.

Look for Laurie to return for a can’t be missed on snow clinic this winter.

RXCSF Freestyle Race Results

Mother nature provided a well timed burst of about 2″ of fresh snow on top of a solid base this morning to help us put on our Freestyle Race. A total of 25 racers took to the trails of Byrncliff Resort to race either the NYSSRA Nordic 9K, the Novice 3K, or Bill Koch Youth Ski League 1K and then enjoy some pizza afterwards. Matt Bellizzi and Kristen Bednar skied away from the competition for the wins. For many of the entrants in the novice race, this was their first ever ski race and quite a few only took up the sport this year. We’re looking forward to more racing (and more snow next year). Now onto the NYSSRA Nordic championships in 2-weeks.

Full results are available on

RXCSF Freestyle Race

There isn’t enough snow to race at Mendon Ponds on Sunday so we’ve moved the race to Byrncliff. Registration is open until 6PM tonight (Sat Feb 23rd) through Bib pick up at 9AM tomorrow (Sunday, Feb 24th). Full race at 10AM of approx 9K. Novice try-it 3K race to follow along with 1K Bill Koch Race. If race needs to be cancelled due to weather, I will update here.

RXCSF Race Postponed

Snow came, but not enough. Still not enough to open Bristol or use more than rock skis at Mendon or Harriet Hollister. We’re going to postpone the Jan 20th race until Feb 24th. Tentative location will be Mendon Ponds.

RXCSF Race Update

We still hope to host a race this weekend. Mendon Ponds and Harriet Hollister are a bust, but Bristol Mountain is hoping to be able to make enough snow to re-open its Nordic loop. If they are successful, they are willing to let us host our race there. To help them out and so as not to disrupt other skiers, we’ll shorten the race to 5K and likely use a mass start. Race time is pending right now. Plan would be for Bill Koch race and adult “Try-It” group to follow and race 2K. We’ll post updates to NYSSRA Nordic Blog,, and Twitter (@rxcsfracing).

Mendon Winterfest Race Update

We are currently assessing our options for the RXCSF Mendon Winterfest race scheduled for Jan 20. We have secured Feb 24th as a back up date to hold a race at Mendon Ponds from Monroe County. It’s unlikely we will have enough snow at Mendon to race next Sunday. Early this week, after the warm-up has passed, we’ll assess the feasibility of holding a race at an alternate venue such as Harriet Hollister or Bristol Mountain on Jan 20th. Check the NYSSRA Nordic Blog or this site for updates.

Kevin Walter


Sunday in the Park

The group met up at 8AM for a blended run and roller ski session that saw the group split exactly in half between those who ran and those who skied. Both groups looked to put in some LSD, but the inevitable hills caused some heart rate spikes and helped everyone put in some solid work. Some using aluminum roller skis with hard wheels may be in need of dental work from chip seal vibration, but everyone rolled along smoothly.

Next workout will be back at Cobbs Hill at the Lake Riley lodge parking lot at 6PM. Bring your poles and headlights.