Poronkusema Skate Race is a Go!

We have confirmation from Bristol that they are opening the Nordic loop later this week and that our race is a go for Sunday morning (Jan 17). We also have some natural snow predicted so its even possible we could race on the full loop. Go ahead and make your plans and sign up at http://www.skireg.com. Registration closes at 5PM Saturday and we don’t do day of race registration to speed things up. (Seriously, you can decide if you’re racing by 5PM the night before an 8AM Bib pick-up?) Bib pick-up at 8AM and racing for the youngest group starts at 8:30. For those new to Bristol Mt, realize the nordic area is at the top of the mountain and not at all accessible from the parking lots at the bottom where the alpine skiers park. The skireg address is the correct address for the Nordic center (Bristol summit). In addition to the skireg fee, skiers who don’t already have Bristol season passes will have to pay Bristol an additional $10 fee directly the morning of the race for a trail pass.

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