Get the season started

Jochen Hoppert and I spent the morning scouting preliminary training routes to lead groups on. After the suggestion of the Jacked Up Old Man, we settled on pole bounding up Cardiac Hill in MPP.

After the workout, we met up with Solveig Hanson, Emily Flagg, Mike Detraglia, Duncan Douglas, and Ken Schaible back at my house to make some plans for the upcoming winter. The basic outline is as follows.

Training group: Aiming to meet at least once/week (tentatively Wednesday). We’ll focus on pole bounding and calisthenics in the fall and then onto skis. We’ll organize workouts into groups to match ability. Some roller skiing sessions for those who want them.

Races: We are going to aim to host 3 races this winter. Most likely at Bristol to minimize the chances the races will be cancelled and to simplify as much as possible the layout and logistics of the race.

Club: We are going to organize ourselves around this blog/website as well as a google group to facilitate e-mail communication. We are going to tag on to the youth group’s order of uniforms/jackets and use their same design and art.

Watch this space for updates! Check out the membership page on how to get started. Google group coming soon.

My HR at the top showed the hill lives up to its name.

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